JonTron is a Horrible Person

by Flapjackage



Hey everybody lemme tell ya somethin'.
I like the city that I'm from-thin'.
All the jews and whites and blacks and asians and latinos should all die.
Bust a cap in that [JON]
Put a hole in that {JON, NO] x2

All their families, all their kids,
Their dog too, she should die gorily.

Everybody in the rap industry that I'm giving this CD to should all die.
Especially you, Mark Simmons, duhh rap producer I am giving this to exactly right now, handing this to, you should die, your kids should die, your kids should die, die diedie didididi.


released March 16, 2013
Jontron and Egoraptor




Flapjackage Cincinnati, Ohio

I am Dylan Roberts, musician by day, slightly grumpier musician by night. Flapjackage is the guise under which I will produce electronic music.

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